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Kappa Sigma Tau Man of the Year, 2010

Hagen McMahon (Tau, University of Texas, '66) was honored as Kappa Sigma's 2010 Tau Man of the Year on November 13.  More than 450 people -- including University of Texas alumni, undergraduates, friends and family members -- gathered to pay tribute to McMahon for his outstanding service to the Tau Chapter. 
"Some may equal, but none excel" is a statement tailored for Hagen McMahon and the contribution he has made to our Chapter," said longtime friend, pledge brother and 2002 Tau Man of the Year Joe Longley.  "He is-and always has been -- totally devoted to the Alumni, Actives & Pledges of Tau Chapter of Kappa Sigma -- which is the living spirit of our Brotherhood created at 203 W. 19th over 100 years ago".  
McMahon is past president of the Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation, Inc., and now serves as chairman of the Tau Trustee and Alumni Association.  In 2005, he was awarded the John G. Tower Distinguished Alumni Award and -- for three consecutive years beginning in 2005 -- was the recipient of the Tau Chapter's Frank C. Erwin Award.
Dan Burck, former Chancellor of the University of Texas System and 2002 Tau Man of the Year, said "As UT fans we often say 'I bleed orange.' Hagen McMahon bleeds not only orange, he bleeds the colors of Kappa Sig:  red, green and gold."
George Alcorn, 2009 Tau Man of the Year, presented the award to McMahon.  In his acceptance, McMahon, a second generation Kappa Sig, spoke lovingly of his father, Hagen McMahon, Sr., who passed away earlier this year, and his deceased uncles, Dr. Jack McMahon and Bayard McMahon, all Kappa Sigs whose lives, said McMahon, exemplified the Kappa Sigma values of honor, integrity and loyalty. 
McMahon is a principal of The McMahon Group, providing business management consulting services to a wide range of private, corporate and government entities.  He was an advisor on banking legislation and regulation concerns to four U.S. Presidents, served as executive director of The Independent Bankers Association of Texas and has served as a board director on numerous bank and corporate boards throughout Texas.  He holds a Bachelor of Business and Economics from the University of Texas and a Master's degree from Southern Methodist University's School of Banking. 
McMahon lives in Austin with his wife, Susan.  They have two sons, a daughter and one granddaughter.