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Congratulations to the Kappa Sigma Texas Tau Graduating Class of 2016!

Web Beard '12
Cliff Beasley '12
Alex Bennitt '12
Barrett Black '12
Travis Bryan '13
James Chilcoat '12
Michael Cisarik '12
Matt Colwill '12
Jason Dimitriou '12
Ryan Doyle '12
Wes Draper '12
Brad Eral '12
Zach Fugina '13
Joseph Galati '12
Eric Glenn '13
Zac Grogean '12
Tyler Hope '12
Tanner Horn '12
Nick Howard '12
Travis Lipscomb '12
Luke Little '12
Alan Loudermilk '12
Daniel Martens '12
John Masters '12
Hayden McMurrey '12
Claiborne Myers '12
Blake Naivar '12
Will Parsley '12
Ben Patterson '12
Austin Rampy '12
Jackson Simons '12
Josh Smith '13
Cameron Spence '12
Alexander Stewart '12
Chance Summers '12
Edward Taussig '12
Nathan Templeton '12
Will Tosch '12
Timur Tura '12
John Van Anglen '12
Jake Wheeler '12
Tyler Zorn '12


Rob Lippincott '67 Honored as Tau Man of the Year 2015

Austin entrepreneur and business developer Rob Lippincott was honored as Kappa Sigma Tau Chapter's Man of the Year on November 7 at the 2015 Tau Trustee Reunion and Parents' Weekend luncheon. A crowd of more than 350 Kappa Sigma brothers and family members attended the annual celebration held at the Kappa Sigma lodge. (Read More)


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Kappa Sigma

Dear Tau Alumni, Parents, and Actives:

Construction on the new Residence Hall remains ahead of schedule. Framing began on the third level (second floor) on June 1 and, as you can see from the photos and the webcam, it's an impressive structure.

The sloping contour of the property allows for partial subsurface garage parking (10,000 square feet) on the the first level, which will also house laundry and storage facilities.

The second level, or first floor, will offer both public spaces and living quarters. As you enter the front door, you'll step into a 14-foot-wide hallway that extends all the way to the back door. The west side of the first floor will be living quarters (six bedrooms) and the house manager's office.

The east side of the first floor will open up through double doors to a 3,000-square-foot grand room, accessible to four rooms, three to be used as meeting and study rooms, and one to be used as a chapter office.

The north side of the first floor will open on to a spacious deck that spans the entire width of the building, rising 14 feet above the basketball court.

The second and third floors will each house 15 bedrooms, combining with the six bedrooms on the first floor for a total of 36 bedrooms.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Tau Chapter family. We should all feel great pride in what we've accomplished together and in knowing that our new Residence Hall will help us sustain this exceptional brotherhood for many years to come.

I encourage you to give generously to the Tau Legacy 2015 Capital Campaign. Please contact me or one of the other alumni listed below and make your pledge today.

Danny Grant '79 (713) 830-4515
Willie Madden '84 (713) 303-6446
Mike Sharpe '79 (817) 422-1108
Jim Pritchett '71 (713) 515-0719
Tim Herman '63 (512) 474-7300

Thank you for your support.


Jim Pritchett '71
T.K.S.E.F. Chairman



Our Tau Legacy - a New Chapter House

Dear Alumni,

I write you today about a compelling and urgent need. The Tau Chapter house - after many years of deterioration - had become unsafe to inhabit and had to be demolished last year.  We are now in the midst of a capital campaign to pay for the new chapter house which is currently under construction.

Because a new house had to be built, the Tau Trustees entered into a loan agreement to finance construction, with a completion date anticipated by year-end, 2016.  We, as alumni, must help raise the necessary capital to retire this debt prior to completion.

You recall that our alumni provided us a place to live and congregate as Kappa Sigs while at UT. We must do the same for the members and pledges who have also chosen Tau Chapter as their lifelong affiliation. For many of us, the decision to pledge Tau Chapter was among the most important decisions we have made in our lifetimes - most importantly, because it gave us the opportunity to establish and nurture friendships and relationships that for most of us remain among our closest and most enduring.

This endeavor is simple - an obligation to provide for others what was provided for us. All of us should feel very proud of what the Tau Chapter is today - 220 members with 55-man pledge classes year after year; excellent academic achievement; community involvement and contribution; a healthy relationship to the national fraternity, all while sustaining an outstanding social life for its members.

This building project was not elective. It must be done to sustain the chapter and the legacy so important to us all. Please contact one of the alumni listed below at your earliest convenience to discuss this most important and urgent project.  Simply click on the name of your choice to send an email or call one of us at the corresponding phone number below: 

Danny Grant '79                (713) 830-4515
Willie Madden '84              (713) 303-6446
Mike Sharpe '79                (817) 422-1108
Jim Pritchett '71                (713) 515-0719
Tim Herman '63                (512) 474-7300

Please open your heart and try to remember the many ways that the Tau Chapter has contributed to your relationships and successes so that today's actives can be afforded the same advantages our predecessors provided to us.



Timothy J. Herman '63
Board Director
Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation



Kappa Sigma Tau Chapter's
"Diamonds in the Rush" Campaign
Summer Rush 2016

Dear Alumni,

Summer Rush 2016 is now underway. In light of all the great things going on with the Tau Chapter, this should be a banner year for rushing the finest young men on the UT campus as Kappa Sigma pledges.

Please consider making your donation today. We will use the money we raise to take prospective rushees to dinners, golf outings and other social gatherings to get acquainted with them and see if they are a good fit for the Tau Chapter.

For your convenience, you can make your donation online with our credit card payment service that is secure and easy to use. The donation levels are listed below.

Rush 2016 Donate Now

Diamond Sponsor: $1000

Sapphire Sponsor: $500

Ruby Sponsor: $250

Emerald Sponsor: $100

Topaz Sponsor: $50

Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you would like to organize or host a fundraising event for the Tau Chapter's "Diamonds in the Rush" 2016 campaign.

You can reach us by email at or, or call us on our cell numbers below with any questions or suggestions. We will send you frequent updates throughout the summer to let you know the progress of our rush fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much for supporting the Tau Chapter!


Ben Sarvadi '14
Grand Master of Ceremonies
Kappa Sigma Tau Chapter


Conner Rambin '14
Grand Master of Ceremonies
Kappa Sigma Tau Chapter


Upcoming Events:

KS Fall Parent/Trustee Reunion/Man of Year

November 11-12th

UT vs. West Virginia


conclave 2015

A New Kappa Sigma Residence Hall for the Tau Chapter is now under construction.

Please pledge your donation to the Tau Legacy 2015 Capital Campaign today.

Willie Madden
Director of Alumni Relations
& Capital Campaign
P.O. Box 5021
Austin, TX 78763-5021
Phone: (713) 303-6446

Click here for more information about the Tau Legacy campaign:



Click on the Construction Cam link to view the Tau Chapter Residence Hall construction site:

live cam